Loftness Specialized Equipment has added a 16-ton fertilizer tender to its FertiLogix product line. The new FT1600 features a rear discharge, two material compartments and heavy-duty construction to withstand the abuse of fertilizer handling applications.

Available with either 21- or 24-foot auger lengths, the 10-inch-diameter discharge augers on the FT1600 are constructed of heavy-duty 409 stainless steel to provide maximum resistance against abrasion and corrosion. Plastic bushings are used to seal the auger bottoms, helping to prevent leaks and increase service life. The unit is powered by a self-contained hydraulic system, which includes a PTO-driven pump and 10-gallon reservoir.

To help prevent fertilizer buildup and corrosion, flat surfaces are minimized throughout the design of the FT1600. Also, the clean hopper interior contains no gussets, plates or other obstructions for fertilizer to catch. Material flow is further optimized through the minimum hopper slope of 30 degrees. An optional roll tarp can be installed to protect materials within the hopper from weather elements.

Other standard features include front and rear folding ladders for easy access to the hopper compartments. Additionally, the FT1600 includes DOT-compliant integral lighting, which is cleanly mounted within the frame and uses common 2-inch lamps.

Loftness manufactures the FertiLogix line of fertilizer handling equipment, the GrainLogix line of grain-bagging equipment, the CropLogix line of crop shredders, the VMLogix line of vegetation management equipment, and the SnowLogix line of snow blower attachments. For more information, contact Loftness Specialized Equipment, P.O. Box 337, Hector, MN 55342, call 800-828-7624 (U.S. and Canada) or 320-848-6266 (international), email, or visit