Iteris, Inc. announced its next generation of WeatherPlot, a precision weather and soil analytics mobile app developed for seed and crop protection companies looking to equip their staff with key environmental information. WeatherPlot is available in English and Spanish languages, for use in the field on iOS devices, Android devices and mobile web browsers.

Built upon Iteris’ ClearAg Platform, WeatherPlot is a site-specific app that provides field-level assessments of hourly or daily weather conditions. WeatherPlot users can access rich data sets combining 30 years of historical and forecasted weather data with soil-related information. Researchers use ClearAg WeatherPlot to develop natural, biological products that can promote drought resistance in crops or help golf courses manage their turf. The app’s highly customizable user experience can help companies better understand the relationship between their products and the environment, as well as take into account each specific crop a farmer may be producing.

“WeatherPlot provides environmental information with atomic clock-like precision for any field or test plot anywhere on earth, and specifically allows field staff and researchers to access key information in order to better understand what has occurred and what will occur at any location,” said Iteris’ Senior Vice President of Performance Analytics, Tom Blair. “ClearAg’s WeatherPlot app can provide better crop and environmental science to help manage declining water resources, prevent overuse and misuse of chemicals, and mitigate weather risk in a changing climate.”

WeatherPlot’s weather and soil analysis and forecasts are realized through ClearAg, a weather-based, agronomic learning platform. ClearAg leverages multidisciplinary expertise spanning meteorology, agronomy, computer, and data science, and massive amounts of weather, water and soil, satellite, and radar data, to provide precise, agronomic information about the environment that surrounds your crop.

As a technological innovator across the U.S. and around the world for over 30 years, Iteris has deep experience in turning big data into big breakthrough solutions including designing and deploying digital systems, sensors and analytics across the transportation and agriculture sectors. At the Forbes AgTech Summit, Iteris today published a report entitled "A New Normal Weather in the Sierras?” that analyzes weather patterns in the region over the past ten years. The full report is available for free download here.

The new WeatherPlot is available through a ClearAg subscription service. For pricing and more information please contact