Iteris, Inc., a leader in providing information solutions to the transportation and agriculture markets, has enhanced the global weather content in its flagship precision farming platform, ClearAg. The update extends precision precipitation estimation beyond the 156 U.S. radar sites already integrated into ClearAg’s Advanced Radar Processing System, with over 100 international weather radar sites across Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

This enhancement not only extends coverage of ClearAg’s hail analytics, Virtual RainGauge, and Nowcast™, but also allows customers to display high-resolution map images, access API endpoints, or leverage real-time precision agronomic analytics through the ClearAg App. ClearAg’s improved resolution and accuracy help augment post-storm crop evaluation, chemical product performance, and insurance claim forensic applications. These additions build on Iteris’ proven ability to provide precise crop protection and crop health decision support software services, on a global basis.

International crop production operations will benefit from the extended ClearAg capabilities. The ClearAg precision agriculture platform equips users with real-time, high-resolution weather, multi-dimensional water dispersion, and multi-level soil content that drive cost-saving ClearAg crop health advisory services.

“We have extended ClearAg’s extensive precipitation and hail analytics beyond the U.S. by integrating complex, high-resolution radar information from numerous countries around the world,” said Tom Blair, senior vice president of Iteris’ Performance Analytics Division. “Additionally, we have also incorporated satellite-based information to cover developing areas of the world lacking radar availability, ensuring users have the most up-to-date estimate of real-time precipitation anywhere in the world. Growers, insurers, and crop protection companies globally should benefit from seamless, consistent access to ClearAg’s high-resolution, advanced radar-based weather content.”

ClearAg leverages global, multi-sensor weather analysis techniques, ensemble-based weather forecasting and soil modeling, and customizable agronomic modeling to create what Iteris believes to be the most accurate, science-based environmental information available worldwide. ClearAg combines this advanced environmental analysis and forecasting system with its comprehensive, global 35-year historical and climatological information to power agronomic models to solve complex agribusiness and crop production challenges for the entire growing season.