Integrated Ag LP, the manager of an agricultural private equity fund based in Scottsdale, Ariz., announced the creation of the Integrated Ag Labs ( program. Integrated Ag Labs is a program designed to innovate and test new agriculture technology and advanced farm practices, to increase efficiency of water and energy resources, lower operating costs, increase crop yield, and improve plant health.

“The program allows for original thought and experimentation by our talented team of farm managers, agronomists, and engineers. Successful program graduates are already increasing operating margins within our direct farm operating companies,” stated Jeff M. Dreyer, Portfolio Manager at Integrated Ag.

The firm is testing technologies in the areas of water chemistry, plant nutrient uptake synthesis, alternative forms of compound fertilizer blends, soil chemistry, and dynamic field sensor technologies. The first program graduate being rolled out across the farm portfolio is a proprietary fertilizer generator system. The system combines specific beneficial bacteria and enzymes that improve plant tissue, root, and soil health, and decreases the reliance on more expensive commercial fertilizers.

Integrated Ag generates returns from (i) immediate and long-term capital appreciation by rehabilitating distressed or underutilized farmland, and (ii) current distributable cash flow from directly operating the farm businesses.

“We are finding that participation in Integrated Ag Labs™ is energizing our existing team of brilliant managers. Further, the program is allowing our firm to attract the most talented managers in the industry who want to be a part of our dynamic farm portfolio ecosystem,” stated Integrated Ag Labs Program Director Mr. Timony. “Ultimately, we are finding ways to generate superior returns that outperform our peers through increased direct farming operating cash flows.”

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