Another Mako self-propelled sprayer has officially been launched by GVM Inc. It is the Mako 440 sprayer, which is a companion to the first Mako 400HC introduced in 2015.

With 36 inches of clearance, the Mako 440 will accommodate those making liquid applications who favor low center of gravity. The original Mako has a 46-inch clearance.

Mark Anderson, president and owner of GVM Inc., said the new Mako will satisfy a certain segment of customers because of its field operation for specific jobs, as proven in testing prior to full-scale production.

He said, “What’s great about this new machine is that it provides comfort and stability for any user.  Farmers and applicators all have different preferences, and we are eager to provide another clearance option.”

As the smallest, most compact self-propelled sprayers in the marketplace, the two Mako machines allow early field entry when ground is too wet for larger, heavier sprayers. The Mako applicators feature 400 gallon product tanks, multiple boom options, 36-46 inches of crop clearance, light footprints, and tight turning radiuses.

Anderson said the Mako sprayers are simple enough for first-time applicators, yet smart enough for pros to use.