Rhyme fungicide from FMC, first registered in California in late 2014 for grapes, has now received approval from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation for a wide range of specialty crops including: almonds, walnuts, tomatoes, strawberries, melons, stone fruits, brassicas and leafy vegetables.

Rhyme fungicide belongs to FRAC Group 3 and is the most systemic fungicide in its class. With curative and preventative disease control activities, Rhyme fungicide protects both crop quality and yields.

It is highly effective on powdery mildews, rusts and many other fungi. Rhyme fungicide earned the University of California-Davis' highest rating (++++) for powdery mildew control in grapes.

The quick penetration of Rhyme fungicide into the plant results in its rapid movement to infection sites for fast curative activity. Rhyme fungicide controls a wide range of diseases that damage tree nut, fruit and vegetable crops.

Powdery mildew, brown rot blossom blight and leaf rusts are among the many diseases it controls. The fungicide is rainfast in two hours and can be tank mixed with most fungicides, insecticides and surfactants. Always consult the label for specific requirements.

"FMC is focused on bringing new tools to help growers produce high-yielding, high-quality crops. We are excited to bring Rhyme fungicide, the most systemic fungicide in FRAC Group 3, to growers. It complements the strong fungicide portfolio that FMC has built for specialty crops in recent years" says David Davies, FMC Agricultural Solutions North America segment manager.