Fluency Agent from Bayer CropScience is a seed lubricant for corn and soybean seeds, which is designed to replace standard talc and graphite seed lubricants.

In lab tests, the completely new formulation product was shown to help reduce the amount of total dust released in treated seeds by 90 percent versus talc and 60 percent versus graphite, thus reducing the potential risk of exposure to pollinators, if they come in direct contact with planter dust during the planting process.

“Although there is already a low-level of potential for pollinators to come in contact with dust from treated seed during planting, the Fluency Agent offers added protection,” said Kerry Grossweiler, manager of equipment and coatings, SeedGrowth, Bayer CropScience. “The product is another effort by Bayer CropScience to develop and implement stewardship best management practices that promote honey bee health.”

In spring 2013, Bayer conducted extensive field trials of the product—covering more than 40,000 acres—with growers in the United States and Canada. In 2014, Bayer conducted demonstration plots with growers on about 250,000 corn acres to confirm performance and raise awareness of the product. Use of Fluencey Agent has resulted in high praise about planter performance.

The use of seed lubricants in pneumatic planters is a standard recommendation from planter manufacturers. As an application guideline, Fluency Agent is applied at the rate of 1/8 cup per 80,000 kernel seed corn unit or 1/8 cup per 140,000 seed soybean unit. Fluency Agent can be used in all makes and types of planting equipment that recommends the use of a seed lubricant.