Nutra-Flo’s FlexEC patented technology is an advanced compatibility agent that allows for mixing liquid fertilizer with EC-based pesticides. In the past, liquid fertilizers and EC pesticides, which is a common formulation for many pesticides, have been incompatible.

With the FlexEC technology, the fertilizer retailer or grower can conveniently mix liquid fertilizer and pesticides and apply a uniform application on a field.

Nutra-Flo emphasizes the easy combining of liquid fertilizers and EC-formulated insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. EC formulations are chemically incompatible with liquid fertilizer and will quickly separate in conventional mixtures.

“Nutra-Flo is excited to deliver a game-changing technology to growers and retailers that solves a real problem,” said Jason Glover, Nutra-Flo director of business development.

The FlexEC technology allows EC-based pesticides to overcome the ionic nature of liquid fertilizer, connecting the molecules and holding them together in a temporary bond. This compatibility bond allows conveniently mixing starter fertilizer with EC insecticides or herbicides and then apply as one mixture.

Convenient in-furrow application of fertilizer and crop protection products that can guard crops against corn rootworm and other secondary pests, throughout the growing season, could be a major use of the technology. It also can be used to blend liquid fertilizer and fungicides for more convenient foliar feeding and disease control.

The FlexEC technology comes in bulk or in boxes with two 2.5 gallon jugs or totes. It is also available premixed with PureGrade EC liquid fertilizer.