FarmLogs, a farm management software company, which the company claims is used by more than 20 percent of U.S. farms to maximize productivity and field profitability, is introducing a crop health monitoring solution that pinpoints the exact location in the field that needs attention. FarmLogs users automatically receive simple, actionable maps when problems are detected throughout the growing season. The company claims this is a first of its kind.

“Today we are breaking ground by launching our most valuable feature ever. FarmLogs users now have access to high-resolution in-season maps that guide them to exact locations of problems in their fields,” said Jesse Vollmar, CEO and co-founder of FarmLogs. “We are completely changing the game for farmers by sending alerts anytime their fields are at risk of losing yield.”

FarmLogs’ in-season crop health monitoring feature utilizes advanced multi-spectral satellite imagery to build performance baselines from over five years of field-specific crop health information, the company explained. Crop health is tracked throughout the season against this performance baseline in order to detect subtle cues and stress signals invisible to the human eye. When field health anomalies occur, users receive alerts that pinpoint the exact location of threats in the field. The mobile app then guides farmers to the location that needs to be scouted.

The claim is that unlike any other satellite imagery product on the market, FarmLogs' crop health monitoring imagery shows only the information that is significant and actionable, eliminating any interpretation and guesswork. Intuitive maps with just the information that matters throughout the growing season enable farmers to better prioritize field scouting, and to identify and fix problems before they reduce their yield.

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