CP Kelco, a leading global producer of specialty hydrocolloid solutions, announced today that its “diutan gum” has been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use as an inert ingredient in agricultural chemical applications. As the leading manufacturer of diutan gum globally, CP Kelco can now offer this product for use in agricultural chemical applications for the US market.

“This approval from the US EPA enables CP Kelco to introduce an innovative solution to the AgChem segment and reinforce our commitment to serving this segment, now and in the future,” said Jérôme Béra, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Commercial at CP Kelco. “Diutan gum is one of the latest innovations in our specialty hydrocolloids portfolio to address opportunities and challenges in various industrial applications.”

According to the EPA’s final rule, diutan gum can be used as an inert ingredient stabilizer/suspension agent in pre- and post-harvest crop products. The inert clearance for diutan gum applies to potential uses such as:

  • Crop protection applications, including herbicides, insecticides and fungicides;
  • Pesticide products for animal production, such as topical insecticide sprays, gels, or pour-on liquids, as well as for use with companion animals, such as dogs and cats;
  • Products for professional pest control, home lawn and garden, and turf management for golf courses and sports stadiums.

CP Kelco will market diutan gum products to the agrochemical industry under the following brand names which have been registered with EPA:


Diutan gum is a unique, anionic polymer produced by microbial fermentation. As a versatile rheology modifying agent, diutan gum is useful in a wide range of industrial applications, providing excellent stabilization, high pseudoplasticity and high viscosity at low-use concentrations.  

CP Kelco also offers KELZAN™ AP and KELZAN™ S PLUS xanthan gums as ingredients for agricultural chemical applications; these offerings are part of the company’s portfolio of specialty xanthan gum products.