A Southwest Kansas entrepreneur has developed a concept that may be the key to extending the rapidly depleting water supply needed for irrigated crop production.

“The efficiency of a drip irrigation is simply greater than the efficiency of a pivot irrigation system,” said Monty Teeter, founder and CEO of Teeter Irrigation Inc. “Dragon-Line is the most revolutionary system for watering since the pivot was invented. Simply put, it transforms pivot irrigation into drip irrigation.”

Dragon-Line is a trademarked system developed by Teeter Irrigation that uses the patented PMDI (Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation) process and technology. DripNet PC tubing manufactured by Netafim is attached to the pivot and is drug along the ground, thus the name Dragon-Line. The tubing utilizes 1 GPH pressure compensating emitters on 6-inch spacing. The emitters are fully operational at 6 PSI, self-flushing, and require 80-mesh filtration to ensure a long-lasting system.

Dragon-Line provides increased efficiency through precision irrigation by specifically delivering water and nutrients directly to the area of soil where it can provide optimal plant growth. By applying water directly to the soil—not on the plant—Dragon-Line eliminates evaporation from the canopy, leaf burn from water and mineral precipitants, plant shock from sudden temperature changes, and reduces potential for disease to the plant. It also helps eliminate or reduce costly wheel track issues.

“Our purpose at Teeter Irrigation is to make every drop of water count,” Teeter said. “We’re depleting our aquifer at a very fast rate. All of our livelihoods depend on water, so we need to implement a plan to help conserve it. Dragon-Line can help fulfill that need.”