Delavan Ag Pumps’ Turbo 90 PTO-Driven Turbine Pump is designed to operate directly from a 1000 RPM PTO shaft without attachments. It can be used for large quantity liquid transfer from trucks to tanks as one example among many unique applications. The Turbo 90 is well suited for high volume sprayer pump applications offering up to 90 GPM when compared to a standard Roller pump that offers 25 GPM. The Turbo 90 is made of cast iron, is very durable and is designed to last for many years in a variety of high capacity agricultural applications.

Delavan Ag Pumps fills a unique niche with the Turbo 90 as the company is currently the only manufacturer of this specific pump model. Sales of the Turbo 90 are increasing at a rapid pace as consumers realize that this is the only option for their high-volume agricultural pumps needs.

“We have seen a lot of enthusiasm from Turbo 90 customers as they have embraced the Turbo 90 as a reliable option for their high capacity applications,” Steve Panasuk, Delavan’s Pump Products Manager, states directly. “We are extremely excited about the success of this product and its increasing demand as customers create new, innovative applications for this high volume sprayer pump.”

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