Harold Lindsey, a Michigan farmer challenged to find the best way to identify and utilize the masses of data created by his farming operation, developed the Croppricer software program. Based on the most appropriate functions of Microsoft Excel, Croppricer helps guide the operator through the collection and analysis of all input and marketing information.

Running a successful farming operation today is complicated. The costs of doing business climb with very little farmer control. And, selling prices have certainly lost their spot in the sun in recent years. The gap between the two easily puts the squeeze on even the best operation.

“In recent years, I've been able to collect more and more data about costs of inputs, land, machinery, taxes, wages and about everything else,” said Harold Lindsey, developer of Croppricer software. “But, stacks of paper and numbers can be quite daunting. Plus, sometimes you just don't quite know where all those numbers belong. More data is not better if you aren’t sure what to do with it.”

As mentioned earlier, Croppricer is based on a popular software program. However, Croppricer has done most of the farmers' homework the day the software is loaded. Not only are the spreadsheets already there and ready go, each category is clearly marked in terms like fuel, seed, equipment, wages, etc. The operator can identify old crop as well as new. Enter an expected market price; or, a hypothetical price.

With the click of a button, it's easy to play “what if” based on live, real-time data. The user sees the results immediately. Because of it's flexibility, should costs change or the marketing price between planting and harvest, a few minutes at the computer will provide the most up-to-date financial view of the operation. A complete array of reports are also available for bankers, landlords, etc.

Unlike many programs, there are no massive manuals to read or decode. Each Croppricer subscription includes a full library of simple, narrated tutorial videos that guides the user from program installation, through mid-season changes, to the final marketing of the crop.

In short, Croppricer allows you to gather, organize and analyze data in order to make informed, intelligent decisions. Better information isn't the key. Being able to effectively use better information is critical.

For those who want to test drive, Croppricer also offers a FREE 3-month demonstration of the software. For more information, contact Harold Lindsey at hlindsey@croppricer.com; 1-800-624-2174 or visit the newly revised website: www.croppricer.com.