While rain is a welcomed sight for drought-plagued farmers in California, the continuous waves of storms on the atmospheric river dubbed the “Pineapple Express” have kept many from essential fieldwork. Fruit and grape growers in particular are counting the days until critical applications should be made to help their crops set fruit and grow high quality, consistent crops.

Cool weather is necessary for fruit and vine crops to bud and bloom consistently, so the weather is generally welcomed. But many areas of California are just days away from when applications must be made to fruit trees and grapes to get the best results. The makers of Dormex, a plant growth regulator, have fielded a number of calls in the past 24 hours from farmers wanting to know the window for applications. Specifically, they want to know how soon it can rain after application and still achieve the expected performance using Dormex.

Steve Krask, President of Dormex Company LLC addresses these concerns. He explains, “We are confident Dormex can perform when given as little as 4 hours after application rain-free. The product rapidly penetrates the plant tissue to produce these results. We hope that growers armed with this information can better plan their applications and proceed with confidence. A 4-hour rainfast window should help growers in getting more acres treated when the rain stops.”

Krask cites field trial research showing Dormex is rainfast within as little as 4 hours. Knowing this will help farmers and applicators manage treatments and will provide peace of mind regarding product effectiveness as the farmers get a break in the weather.

Dormex works best when applied 30 days before budbreak. California contains a myriad of microclimates, meaning budbreak can vary greatly between locations. Chill accumulation should be monitored and applications should be made according to label directions.