Nachurs Alpine Solutions of Marion, Ohio, recently partnered with Pathway Biologic, LLC of Plant City, Fla., to announce a new advancement in fertility, Rhyzo-Link fertilizer. 

Rhyzo-Link is unique to the marketplace.  It is a revolutionary combination of premium fertilizer with a blend of 8 unique strains of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR).  This combination immediately goes to work in –furrow with the seed, or on the leaf surface to increase nutrient availability and enhance nutrient uptake.  Rhyzo-Link stimulates plant and root growth and has the natural ability to increase overall plant health, as well as activate plant defense mechanisms.  Initially, three formulations are being introduced.  Each is a premium fertilizer that combines the highest quality ingredients including orthophosphate, Bio-K technology, essential micronutrients and PGPR technology. 

Because of the multi-dimensional benefits they provide, PGPR strains are being integrated by all of the major agricultural product providers. In general, microbial or biologic fertilizers have lacked product consistency.  Glen Crowe, national sales manager for Pathway, tells us “The term biologic is like saying fertilizer, it doesn’t define anything”.  Rhyzo-Link however, is different.  He goes on to say, “Other products are derived from compost teas, manure teas; and/or formulated with inconsistent, incompatible biological groups.  Pathway products are consistent and compatible because the strains are derived from pure cultures which are certified in each and every batch. Liquid fertilizer provides an excellent delivery system for the PGPR.  Rhyzo-Link will stay in solution and remain viable for at least 18 months. Typically, farmers can expect to increase crop yield and quality by 5 to 20%”.

While all soils have billions of bacteria present, the rhizosphere is the very narrow soil region where interactions between plants and soil take place. It is in this region where plants deposit 20-30% of the carbon they fix during photosynthesis as root exudates, which in turn are consumed as fuel by PGPRs.  Tommy Roach, director, specialty products and product development for Nachurs explains how the rhizosphere and PGPR work, “Plants alter the composition of exudates based upon environment or stresses to encourage or discourage bacterial growth within the rhizosphere, thus promoting the growth and development of species beneficial to the plant.  The microbes we are placing with the fertilizer are specific to improving the bacterial composition of the rhizosphere.  Rhyzo-Link has multiple modes of action which not only promote plant growth, but also enhance nutrient availability and aid in defense from plant pathogens”.

When the components of soil (organic matter, minerals, air, water, and living organisms) interact effectively, soil health and increased crop productivity are achieved.  Nachurs Rhyzo-Link is an environmentally friendly fertilizer which helps crops respond to multiple stresses and improves the environment in the seed furrow.