Eden Research Plc, the AIM-listed natural micro-encapsulation company, announces that it has received notice that the three active ingredients, which form part of multiple plant protection products developed by Eden, have been granted approval for inclusion in Annex IV to Regulation (EC) Number 396/2005, subject to the provision of confirmatory data.

Geraniol and thymol are now exempt from the maximum residue levels (“MRLs”) set for many pesticides.  This translates into a clear benefit for growers when considering treatment programmes, as Eden’s products can now be used without regard to concern for residues, thus allowing growers to protect their crops right up to the point of harvest.  Eugenol has previously been granted provisional approval for inclusion in Annex IV.

Eden’s Chief Executive, Sean Smith, stated: “Eden and its licensees have long been aware of the potential for our naturally-derived pesticide products to deliver additional benefits to growers through their use late in the season, thereby protecting crops at a critical time and allowing maximum produce quality. Now the European Commission has helped growers to fully realise these additional benefits by granting products containing our core actives an exemption from maximum residue levels. Grape growers, for example, will no longer need to balance their desire to select an optimal harvest time to increase produce quality and sugar levels with the requirement to adhere to maximum residue levels for their late-season fungicidal treatment.  This translates into a benefit for growers and our commercialisation partners, and it strengthens the overall value of Eden’s product offerings.”

Eden's first product, 3AEY, was recently granted authorisation by the zonal Rapporteur Member State, Malta for the prevention and cure of botrytis in table and wine grapes.  Following this authorisation, the concerned Member States in the Southern regulatory zone have 120 days to issue their national authorisations, thereby allowing sales in key grape growing countries, including three of the top five global grape producers.  Eden's commercialisation partners such as Sipcam, Redestos and Sumi Agro France are now preparing for product launches following authorisation.