Drone-enabled or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) software offered by a leading agricultural data collection and analysis service will provide advanced analysis and reporting to improve crop yield and increase grower profitability, according to a news release distributed worldwide from a Boulder, Colo., company.  

We are on the cusp of a new era of farming, where precision agriculture practices offer a new approach to crop management—one that wrings out waste and uses data to maximize crop yields and profits. As in other industries, technology is reshaping farming, it has been pointed out.

UAVs or drones are an excellent way to gather detailed information about every square inch of a field, but making sense of these large volumes of data creates new challenges.

Agribotix says it is a pioneer in turnkey drone data collection and analysis services, and it has a new cloud-based Bring Your Own Drone data processing solution—available to anyone using any drone/UAV for agricultural data collection, anywhere in the world. The on-demand service processes drone-collected data and returns actionable recommendations.

"During our first year flying our own drones over crops, we discovered that drone pilots need a simple way to produce reports that are useful to a farmer. This includes everything from an overhead view of a field used to spot problem areas, to a zone map for precise fertilizer application. We've developed a solution that addresses these needs and more," said Paul Hoff, Agribotix CEO. "The resulting reports can be imported into virtually any farm data management system.

"Agricultural drone pilots don't want to be software experts; they want to focus on the business of producing reports for their customers that maximize crop yields and improve their bottom line. We give them a very high level of customer service and fast turnaround so that they can act quickly, before conditions change."

So far, in the U.S. ag retailers and agronomists cannot fly UAVs with income connected to the actual flight operation, but farmers are free to fly UAVs as hobbyists to gather all types of information and then provide it to the agronomists they are working with including crop consultants and ag retailers.

Interested parties can sign up for the Bring Your Own Drone data processing service and have Agribotix begin processing immediately. The site to visit is https://app.agribotix.com/register or www.agribotix.com.