Primedia Business Magazines & Media announces the launch of PrimeAG Marketing Information Solutions, an enhancement to their agriculture publications ...quot; National Hog Farmer, BEEF, The Corn and Soybean Digest, Farm Industry News, Hay and Forage Grower, and the four regionally focused Farm Press publications.

Primedia Business, which has built one of the deepest, demographically-specific data sets known as PrimeAG BASE, is further enhanced through a strategic partnership with NewCentury Marketing Services (NCMS) to create the most complete and qualified dataset in the industry.

This alliance results in a database with more than 1.8 billion pieces of demographic material on more than 2.1 million unique farm businesses, and more than 2.4 million unique contacts.

The combined dataset contains highly qualified demographic detail such as:
-Crop types
-Crop acreage ranges
-Livestock type
-Livestock headcount ranges
-Equipment ownership
-Specific business categories (i.e. fertilizer dealers)
-Farm type demographics
-Contact names
-Phone numbers and much more

In addition to this enhanced database offering, PrimeAG Marketing Information Solutions has developed data products, specifically focused on increasing an agriculture sector marketer's knowledge about their own customers.

"With our solutions, a client can now see the full 360-degree view of their customers," said AnnMarie Wills, director of database business development with PrimeAG Marketing Information Solutions. "Often in business we define our customers based on their transactions with us, not on who they are or by their potential. Our data and products deliver knowledge gain, and with scaled and affordable price points that can fit any budget."

Source: Company Release