WASHINGTON D.C. - According to press reports, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is announcing that it will delay a decision on the use of E15 in cars and pickup trucks built from 2001 to 2006 by up to a month. The delay is a result of testing failures unrelated to fuel and E15. Earlier this fall, EPA announced E15 was safe for use in cars and pickup trucks built in 2007 and later. The RFA expressed disappointment in that decision as it failed to follow the science to its natural conclusion - E15 is safe for all cars and pickup trucks on the road.

In response to the most recent delay, RFA President and CEO Bob Dinneen released the following statement:

"We are encouraged by EPA's commitment to accurate testing for 2001-2006 cars and pickup trucks, particularly given the failures are unrelated to the fuel being tested. While the delay is disappointing, it is understandable. We encourage EPA to extend such due diligence to testing for all cars and pickups, regardless of age. We believe the fuel testing to date clearly demonstrates the efficacy of E15 as a motor fuel for all light duty vehicles."

The RFA has been actively engaged in the E15 process, working with EPA to provide data as well as partnering with states and other regulatory bodies to ensure a smooth introduction of E15 into the market.

SOURCE: Renewable Fuels Association