Premium Standard Farms Inc. (PSF) has partnered with PIC North America (PIC), a Sygen Company to produce a custom sireline specifically targeted to better meet the needs of PSF's discriminating domestic and export customers. The "Premium Legacy" platform incorporates unique technologies from PIC and selection objectives targeted to improve the quality and eating experience of pork products offered under the Premium Farms brand and all other pork products.

The Legacy program, which began in 2003, uses an enhanced selection process and information technology system, developed by PIC. The program is driven by PSF customers' goal to dramatically enhance pork eating quality and characteristics. The improvement process takes advantage of PSF's integrated model to intensively capture realized production, performance and meat quality data specific to PSF's conditions in the commercial production and processing environments. This information enables a real-time feedback loop that increases PIC's accuracy, speed and consistency of implementing the Legacy program to meet PSF's target objectives for traits deemed important to their customers.

Bo Manly, president of Premium Standard Farms, stated, "This partnership between Premium Standard Farms and PIC focuses both our organizations on creating a highly differentiated product that exceeds the preferences of our domestic and international customers. The Legacy program also further provides a platform that enables constant improvement in the quality of our product to better meet the future needs of the market for consistent, high quality pork products."

"The Premium Legacy platform is a tremendous accomplishment that illustrates how a supplier and a producer can work together for the common goal of dramatically enhancing the eating experience and quality of a variety of pork products," stated John Meyer, CEO of Premium Standard Farms.

Source: Company Release