ST. LOUIS -- In response to 2007 market conditions, Monsanto and U.S. soybean processors are increasing the premium on grain harvested from Vistive(TM) low-linolenic soybeans.

For 2007, growers will be able to earn a premium of 55 cents to 65 cents per bushel on Vistive soybeans -- nearly double the average 30-35 cent bushel premium offered in 2006.

While 2007 orders of Vistive low-lin soybeans already surpass last season's levels, Monsanto and participating processors are seeking to secure incremental acres of Vistive soybeans to meet the growing demand for low-linolenic oil by food companies and capitalize on this new soybean market opportunity for the U.S. soybean farmer.

"This demonstrates Monsanto's commitment to developing soybeans as the source for low-linolenic oil demanded by food companies, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, versus utilizing alternative sources," said Dave Rhylander, director of traits for Monsanto. "The increased premium and competitive agronomic performance provide farmers a compelling profit opportunity to grow Vistive soybeans versus alternative crops in 2007."

This premium applies to all existing and new orders and is available as long as seed supply and processor capacity is available. Growers are encouraged to contact seed suppliers and processors as soon as possible.

Vistive soybeans will be available to farmers for the 2007 season in Iowa and parts of Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio, Delaware and Maryland.

Available in 28 seed brands for the 2007 growing season, Vistive low-lin soybeans contain 3 percent linolenic acid as an oil component compared with 8 percent for conventional soybeans. This low-linolenic alternative enables food processors to use Vistive oil as a substitute for hydrogenated soybean oil that contains unhealthy trans fat.

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SOURCE: Monsanto Company via PR Newswire.