Two major civilian drone/unmanned aerial vehicle companies made major announcements about expanding operations in the U.S. at the recent AUVSI’s Xponential conference in New Orleans.

Delair-Tech, a French leader in the industry, announced it is opening a U.S. subsidiary in the Los Angeles area. The company claims the site was selected because of its location between Silicon Valley and San Diego—innovation hubs for UAVs and aerospace business.

“Delair-Services is a fully-fledged solution to support decision making through the use of aerial imagery. It covers the entire value chain, from data acquisition through the delivery of analysis reports. These are made available to the customer via an online analytics platform developed by our teams. We play the role of facilitator, so companies don’t need to set up their own dedicated internal teams,” said Delair-Tech CEO Michael de Lagarde.

Also announced at the New Orleans high-tech conference was PrecisionHawk forming a strategic alliance with Insitu to offer expanded “aerial technology services across the commercial and enterprise markets” of UAVs.

PrecisionHawk is known for its aerial data and safety platforms for drones and Insitu is a subsidiary of Boeing. The two companies will be “integrating platforms, hardware and software to deliver more comprehensive data insights to customers.”

Agriculture is only one focus of both Delair-Tech and Precision Hawk. Both announcements seem sure to provide expansion of unmanned technology offerings, especially as the Federal Aviation Administration eventually finalizes rules and regulations related to UAV flights and data gathering, especially beyond-visual-line-of-sight operations.

Similar to PrecisionHawk, Delair-Tech designs and manufactures drones specific to the work required. Analytics of data is also a part of the service provided by both companies.

Delair-Tech reports being in more than 30 countries with service offerings and finally jumped into the U.S./North America market. The company was founded in 2011 by four French engineers.

Precision Hawk offered its first drone products and services beginning in 2010.