DuPont Canada's FarmCare® program will again help growers protect the investment they put into their crop from potential weather-related disasters or low commodity prices in 2005.

With FarmCare®, growers can choose from three options, depending on what is most important to them: helping reduce losses from environmental conditions, helping minimize crop marketing risks or controlling input costs.

For growers most concerned about possible adverse environmental conditions, there is the Risk Protection Benefit. "This option is available to growers who were members of FarmCare® last year," Isberg explains. "The program can replace up to 60 per cent of the DuPont herbicide used to treat crops affected by disease, drought, excess moisture, frost, hail, insects, snow, wind, wildlife and more," he adds.

The Value Protection Benefit guarantees growers a minimum price for their canola crop. If the November Canola futures price on the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange falls below the guaranteed price, the grower will receive a check from DuPont for the difference.

For growers focusing on lowering input costs, the Savings option provides substantial rebates.

Growers can become members of FarmCare® when they purchase and apply a minimum of 320 acres worth of Refine Extra®, Harmony® Total™, Triton™ or K2™. To take advantage of the Risk Protection Benefit or the Value Protection Benefit, they must notify DuPont of their choice by the end of June.

Source: Company Release