Fall armyworm is traditionally susceptible to Bt corn varieties, however specific populations in Puerto Rico and several southern U.S. states are exhibiting increased rates of field resistance to these common hybrids.

Providing information about the emergence of resistance to Bt corn in tropical fall armyworm populations is a new educational presentation from the Plant Management Network (PMN) entitled “Cry1F Resistance in Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda).” The presentation is available as part of the Focus on Corn resource for growers, crop consultants, and extension agents.

The webcast, developed by Ana María Vélez, Research Assistant and Professor of Entomology at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, discusses factors that can contribute to increased resistance and explains why studying insect behavior and characterizing resistance is important for establishing effective management strategies.

The presentation provides information about:

  • Fall armyworm biology and seasonal migration patterns
  • Emergence of resistant populations and possible migration patterns
  • Effective management strategies to minimize local impacts

The 24-minute presentation will remain open access through July 31 in the Focus on Corn webcast resource.