DES MOINES -- Pioneer Hi-Bred International today announced a $50,000 contribution for a proposed bio-based products industry center at Iowa State University that will focus on the economic, business and policy aspects of the emerging bio-economy.

"Collaborations between industry and institutions are critical to developing the bio-economy for the benefit of all," said Dean Oestreich, Pioneer president. "We're pleased to partner with Iowa State to lay the ground work for a center that can be a catalyst to stimulate the growth of the bio-economy."

The proposed bio-based products industry center at Iowa State will complement efforts of business and government in developing technologies based on agricultural feedstocks. It will conduct research that sheds light on the industry's rapidly evolving economic and business challenges, including human capital, business, marketing, policy and infrastructure. The center will be administered under Iowa State's Office of Biorenewables Programs.

"This is a very significant gift from Pioneer which will help us leverage support from other funding sources for a bio-based industry center," said Gregory Geoffroy, Iowa State University president. "We are excited to be partnering with Pioneer and others to create this center to help facilitate the expansion of the bio-based products industry."

In addition to initial support for the planning of the proposed center, Pioneer business leaders and scientists plan to participate in the proposed center's Industry Advisory Board and in industry-based research projects.
Pioneer is a subsidiary of DuPont, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance materials that provide environmentally sustainable solutions utilizing renewable, farm-grown feedstocks rather than petroleum.

DuPont is committed to delivering new technologies to the growing renewable fuels and materials markets, which include high performance, bio-based materials, improving biofuels production through improved seed and crop protection products; developing new technologies to allow conversion of cellulose to biofuels; and developing next-generation biofuels.

Iowa State University was the first university in the United States to establish a graduate program in biorenewable resources and technology and offers one of the few master's and doctoral degrees in this field.

"This gift from Pioneer will help Iowa State be more competitive in creating centers of excellence in the bioeconomy field, and expand our leadership role in this important area," said Geoffroy.

DuPont -- one of the first companies to publicly establish environmental goals 16 years ago -- has broadened its sustainability commitments beyond internal footprint reduction to include market-driven targets for both revenue and research and development investment like biofuels. The goals are tied directly to business growth, specifically to the development of safer and environmentally improved new products for key global markets, including products based on non-depletable resources, like biofuels.

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., a subsidiary of DuPont, is the world's leading source of customized solutions for farmers, livestock producers and grain and oilseed processors. With headquarters in Des Moines, Pioneer provides access to advanced plant genetics, crop protection solutions and quality crop systems to customers in nearly 70 countries.

SOURCE: Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. via PR Newswire.