Silage producers can save time, along with wear and tear on their choppers, by using a new, patented inoculant application system developed by Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. The new Appli-Pro(R) Super Low Volume (SLV) inoculant application system utilizes the traditional Appli-Pro 2.5 liter bottles containing highly concentrated Pioneer(R) brand inoculant and eliminates the need for a water tank. The SLV uses air from a compressor and a small amount of water to uniformly deliver the inoculant solution. Water is added directly into the bottle of inoculant and applied at a rate of only 10 ml per ton.

"With this new system we've simplified inoculant application for our customers," says Gene Gengelbach, Pioneer inoculant product marketing manager. "Along with providing premium inoculant products, we want to make our products easy to use and develop systems that allow for accurate application of inoculant."

With this system a producer just adds water to the bottle of inoculant, shakes the bottle to solubilize the product and then screws the bottle into the applicator. Each applicator holds two bottles, which treat 250 tons of silage each. Extra bottles can easily be carried in the cab of the chopper.

In addition, the Pioneer lineup of inoculants contains a dechlorinator, so that regular tap water can be used to fill the bottles. Gengelbach notes that many competitor products do not contain a dechlorinator. Chlorine kills the bacteria in the inoculant.

A limited number of these revolutionary applicators will be available for use in 2005.

Source: Company News