DES MOINES -- DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred today congratulated Steven Albracht of Hart, Texas, and the other 16 growers who won national titles using Pioneer(R) brand hybrids in the 2008 National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Corn Yield contest.

Farmers planting Pioneer(R) brand hybrids won 70 percent of the 24 national spots in the annual contest.

Albracht attained the highest overall yield of 368.27 bushels per acre with Pioneer(R) brand 31N30 (HXX/LL/RR2). He won in the national irrigated category.

"Steve Albracht has demonstrated what farmers can achieve when they plant the right hybrid on the right acre and practice savvy management skills," said Paul Schickler, Pioneer president and DuPont vice president and general manager. "Just as in the past, he and others have turned to Pioneer to maximize their yields. We are honored to be able to contribute our science and service to their success."

In the national contest, eight of the growers planting Pioneer brand hybrids placed first, second or third with yields greater than 300 bushels per acre. "These growers are proving that 300-bushel yields are a reality today, and not something we have to wait for decades to achieve," Schickler said.

The NCGA Corn Yield contest is an annual national competition among corn growers with the goal of producing the highest yields. Growers compete in eight corn production classes, including non-irrigated (A and AA), no-till/strip-till non-irrigated (A and AA), no-till/strip-till irrigated, ridge-till non-irrigated, ridge-till irrigated and irrigated classes.

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SOURCE: DuPont via PR Newswire.