DES MOINES -- Dairy and livestock producers are still facing economic challenges in much of the country. For that reason, PHI Financial Services, a subsidiary of Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, has initiated a program where silage growers reap the benefits of silage inoculants as they finance these products to spread costs throughout the production year. The Deferred Payment Loan program for silage inoculants provides payment options specifically designed for producers during these tough times.

Now more than ever, dairy and livestock producers need to maximize the nutritional value of feed to get the most milk or meat per acre. Inoculants can boost producers' bottom lines by improving the quality of their silage and getting the most value out of their home-grown feed.

"The dairy industry faced a tough year in 2009 with low market prices, and in 2010 the market has not recovered as many anticipated," says Kyle Whitaker, Pioneer marketing manager for forage additives. "The Deferred Payment Loan program offers a way to finance silage inoculant purchases and spread the cost across several months as they reap the benefit from the silage as it is fed to cattle."

Qualified customers can purchase silage inoculants for fall application and include those purchases on their existing 2010 Deferred Payment Loan. As an added benefit, the silage inoculant portion of the loan can be moved to the 2011 loan with final payment due June 30, 2011. The seed and crop protection portion of any existing 2010 Deferred Payment Loan is still due on the normal due date, Dec. 1, 2010.

"Customers in the program can set up a monthly payment plan to match their expected income," Whitaker says. "They must make a minimum of three monthly payments, with the final payment due June 30, 2011. Pioneer utilizes industry-leading research and nutritional expertise to provide their customers crop-specific inoculants, including the revolutionary Fiber Technology platform, silage know-how and local service -- all dedicated to the goal of producing more nutritious feed supplies.

"Pioneer has four inoculants for corn silage, three for alfalfa silage, three for grass and cereal silage and two more designed for high-moisture corn," Whitaker says. "This gives producers a wide range of crop-specific product options and flexibility with their inoculant decisions. The goal is to give producers choices to suit their individual preferences."

For more information on the Deferred Payment Loan program talk to a Pioneer sales professional for details.

SOURCE: Pioneer Hi-Bred.