To help track the spread of Asian soybean rust, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., is working with the United States Department of Agriculture to track confirmed cases of rust, as identified by Pioneer agronomists and archived in the Pioneer Field Information eXchange (PFIX) system. Growers can either go to the public USDA Web site or the Pioneer GrowingPoint(SM) Web site to view maps tracking the spread of rust.

The PFIX system was designed to capture field observations using a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) handheld computer. Agronomists input information collected during service calls and create a geo-referenced archive of observations. In the last two years, PFIX has helped Pioneer agronomists monitor the movement of many insects and pests, including soybean aphids in 2003. This will be the first time the information will be shared publicly with growers.

Data from the PFIX system is fed into the USDA soybean rust database. On the USDA Web site, growers can view maps showing rust observations, disease management and scouting information. The maps are interactive and show county level information. The information shown on the USDA Web site is controlled by state soybean specialists, who provide commentaries, Web links and edit the map content.

Source: PRNewswire