Growers planting Pioneer brand corn hybrids won 23 of 27 categories on the national level in the 2005 National Corn Growers Association Corn Yield Contest announced.

Farmers growing Pioneer hybrids finished in first-place in all nine national classes. Among second-place winners, those growing Pioneer hybrids won seven categories and, among third-place winners, growers planting Pioneer hybrids won seven of nine categories.

The highest yield winner within the contest was Kip Cullers, Purdy, Mo., who planted Pioneer brand 31N28 with a yield of 345.95 bushels per acre. He won in the national Irrigated category.

The second highest yield in the NCGA contest was won by David K. Hula, Charles City, Va., who planted Pioneer hybrid 33M54 with a yield of 334.84 bushels per acre in the A No Till/Strip Till Non-Irrigated class. The third highest yield was posted by Mezera Farms, Bagley, Wis., with Pioneer hybrid 34N42, yielding 323.06 bushels per acre in the national AA Non-Irrigated class.

"Each year, we're excited to see the continued success growers have with Pioneer products in the NCGA Corn Yield Contest," says Bill Fleet, Pioneer vice president for North American sales. "We're especially impressed with the high yields our customers have this year with Pioneer hybrids, many of which were grown in challenging growing conditions. That says a lot about the value Pioneer hybrids bring to the bottom line of all growers.

"In 2006, growers can continue to see improved crop technology through the introduction of Pioneer hybrids with the Herculex(R) RW Rootworm and the Herculex XTRA Insect Protection traits," adds Fleet, "continuing the expanding line-up of crop traits from Pioneer that help protect their seed investment."

The NCGA Corn Yield Contest is an annual national competition among corn growers with the goal of producing the highest yields. Growers compete in nine corn production classes, including non-irrigated (A and AA), no- till/strip-till non-irrigated (A and AA), no-till/strip-till irrigated, ridge- till non-irrigated (A and AA), ridge-till irrigated and irrigated classes.

For more information about Pioneer corn hybrids grown by contest winners and the broad range of top-producing Pioneer products, growers should contact their local Pioneer sales representative.

For a list of the national winners, yield totals and hybrid numbers, go to lts.htm .

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Pioneer(R) brand is a registered trademark of Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

Source: Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.