Pilgrim's Pride Corporation, the nation's second-largest poultry company, is introducing a new product line that makes it easier for consumers to find and enjoy healthy poultry products.

"We know that consumers are bombarded with an estimated 4,000 advertising messages every day and have a limited amount of time to spend evaluating products in the supermarket," said Bo Pilgrim, chairman and founder of Pilgrim's Pride. "That's why we are being clear about the benefit of this product line. The name, EatWellStayHealthy(TM), tells consumers clearly and instantly what they get when they make a purchase. With our EatWellStayHealthy(TM) line, consumers can be assured they are getting healthy and delicious products."

"This product line also may well be establishing a higher standard for the poultry industry," Pilgrim said. "Other poultry companies currently carry the American Heart Association seal of approval on their packages, but we have not seen any who claim the USDA-regulated word, 'healthy,' on its package. The nutritional requirements -- specifically in the areas of fat, cholesterol and sodium -- for the USDA-regulated word, 'healthy,' exceed those used by the American Heart Association*, and this line of products has been formulated to reach this higher bar."

All eight different EatWellStayHealthy(TM) choices prominently display the American Heart Association's mark of approval on the package.

Source: Company Release