Philom Bios Inc. and Saskferco Products Inc. have signed an agreement that will see Philom Bios support the marketing of Nitrogain products in western Canada.

Nitrogain is urea or UAN fertilizer pretreated with AGROTAIN "C." In this ready-to-use format, Nitrogain offers retailers a convenient way to provide the benefits of stabilized nitrogen to their farmer customers. The use of stabilized nitrogen technology to reduce nitrogen losses from urea and UAN and enhance seed-placed fertilizer safety has been growing rapidly. Nitrogain will help facilitate this growth.

Fred Gill, President and CEO of Saskferco Products Inc, agrees. "The partnership with Philom Bios will accelerate our efforts to one day have all of our products incorporate a nitrogen stabilizer. The partnership with Philom Bios is ideal as it builds on the marketing and sales efforts they have been putting behind AGROTAIN since they started marketing it in 2003."

Source: Company Release