A Michigan court affirmed an award of $12 million to LidoChem Inc., parent company of Performance Nutrition, a supplier of “environmentally friendly fertilizers and crop protection products for the agriculture and turf markets.” Judge Robert J. Jonker affirmed the award from a jury trial in the United States District Court Western District of Michigan Southern Division against Stoller Enterprises, Inc., Jerry Stoller and David Alexander for violating the Lanham Act, “which protects consumers and companies from false claims.”

The announcement came from the attorneys representing LidoChem Inc. “We had substantial evidence that Stoller and its executives were intentionally spreading falsehoods about LidoChem and its Performance Nutrition products over a 10-year period that ultimately interfered with LidoChem’s business relationships resulting in a substantial impact on the company and its brand,” said William D. Howard, lead attorney for LidoChem. The original jury verdict occurred on March 26, 2014.