Peak Soil Indexes, LLC (PSI) announced today its entrance in Farmland Analytic/Data Services. The indexing boutique rolled out its proprietary web-app, AccuAcre. AccuAcre will provide users with a derived price per acre for agricultural land and perform relative value analysis that’s more commonly available for fixed income products.

Having established their core farmland indexes as benchmarks in the industry, PSI is proud to release the new product which has been under development for some time. Prices for district, county and individual parcels can now be obtained through a drill down process emanating from PSI’s state indexes. The comparative value capabilities are currently available for Indiana; other states will be added over the course of the year.

AccuAcre® will provide free search capabilities but require a subscription for the more comprehensive tool-kit, called “AccuAcre® Analyst”. Services will greatly expand over the next year with additional diagnostic features, technical analysis and news feeds. Peak Soil Indexes fashioned AccuAcre® to be used by multiple professions. Institutional investors, realtors, appraisers, hedge funds, assessors, investment funds, Ag indexes, farmers and any party interested in buying or selling farmland will find the product invaluable. Peak Soil anticipates releasing industry-specific versions of AccuAcre® in 2017.

With AccuAcre®, Peak Soil Indexes continues to stay at the forefront in the democratization of farmland. PSI’s founder and President, Paul V. Kanitra stated, “We took perhaps our most strategic, yet overlooked commodity, and developed usable benchmark indexes. Now AccuAcre® replicates functionalities similar to those provided by Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, S&P and Zillow, to further the financialization of the commodity.”