Absorbent Technologies, Inc. (ATI), Beaverton, Ore., has received a U.S. patent for Zeba, its starch-based soil amendment for improved agricultural production. When applied, Zeba soil amendment absorbs and releases both moisture and nutrients repeatedly, as demanded by plant roots. The result is consistently higher-quality, greater-volume yields.

Holders of the patent are the father-and-son team of William Doane, Ph.D., who developed the concept used for Zeba during his 32-year tenure with the United States Department of Agriculture, and Steven Doane, a chemist who helped further develop Zeba. Both are advisors to ATI.

Repeated independent testing on crops over a span of seven years has shown Zeba significantly enhances seed emergence and stand establishment of melons, tomatoes, lettuce, cotton and other crops.

Made from naturalized cornstarch, Zeba is biodegradable, nontoxic and virtually odorless. Developed for on-farm use, each particle can absorb up to 400 times its weight in water, then release and reabsorb water repeatedly as needed by the plant, remaining effective for up to one year or more.

Source: Company Release