A big concern in agriculture is how and in what situations unmanned aircraft systems/drones can be legally used. Without finalized Federal Aviation Administration rules and interim rules that seem conflicting to many people, there is a need for clarification. For that reason, those engaged in agriculture can learn about the current and future status for the use of drones in agriculture during a webinar on June 30 being conducted by the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University.

It is a free webinar that according to the registration page does not require pre-registration although it can only accommodate the first 100 persons. It is scheduled to be a one-hour webinar beginning at 12 noon Eastern Daylight Time.

The definition of commercial and hobby makes a lot of difference in what is legal and illegal.

The FAA proposed federal regulations for small commercial drones had a comment period that ended April 24. A Ohio State University spokesperson reported the FFA received nearly 5,000 comments. It is not anticipated that a new final rule overseeing both hobby and commercial use of drones will be issued until 2016.  

To reach the registration page for the free webinar click here-http://nationalaglawcenter.org/consortium/uavwebinar/