Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc., an international developer of multi-fuel reforming and proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology, today announced the sale of a 5.5 kW H2e(TM) fuel cell power module to Deere & Company. Deere & Company plans to test and evaluate Nuvera's hydrogen-powered system for use as a potential future power source in off-road equipment.

Nuvera's H2e fuel cell power module is an alternative energy solution that can extend the operational cycle, increase product run-time, and enhance productivity for many types of utility vehicles and heavy-duty industrial equipment. Using pre-configured interconnections, direct water injection, and low-cost metallic bi-polar plates, this compact, rugged "engine" converts hydrogen fuel into clean, quiet, and efficient DC electricity. It is especially well-suited to battery hybrid applications, serving as an on-board battery charger and eliminating the need for time-consuming battery swapping or charging.

Source: Company Release