WinField’s NutriSolutions 360° system was chosen as AgProfessional’s 2014 Readers’ Choice Top Product of the Year in the eighth year of the program. Voting was conducted online at

AgProfessional congratulates WinField on winning the Readers’ Choice Top Product of the Year for 2014. The NutriSolutions 360° system won with 34 percent of the total votes cast from the 10 Editors’ Choice products of 2014.

The NutriSolutions 360° system is a complete solution to plant nutrition management that provides timely, critical agronomic insights and product recommendations. Spanning pre-planting to post-harvest, the system offers actionable insights to help farmers map and execute the individual nutrition plan that will generate the most profitable return.

“Winning this award is validation for all the hard work and seven years of dedication by the WinField plant nutrition business. As a result, we are able to offer farmers and retailers actionable information to make critical decisions about a farmer’s field and to provide the highest ROI,” said Josh Krenz, WinField director of plant nutrition.

“Plant nutrition is the most limiting factor we have to face in farming. The NutriSolutions 360° system is the easiest tool to help farmers and ag retailers manage nutrition—whether it be NPK, secondary nutrients or micronutrients—that is science based.”

Krenz explained that the concept for the NutriSolutions 360° system started about seven years ago when WinField started helping farmers who wanted to manage their fields’ nutrition at a high NPK level. At that time, the program was called NutriSolutions. Over the period since then, WinField added tissue sampling and other tools and products until the company combined all of the tools together under the umbrella of the NutriSolutions 360° system, which was rolled out to farmers and retailers in 2014.

Today, the NutriSolutions 360° system provides farmers with tools like soil, resin and tissue sampling for robust agronomic insights that lead to more effective product recommendations.

One of the newest tools in the system is NutriVision capsules, which are designed to bridge the information gap between soil tests and tissue sampling by revealing the nutrients that are plant available in the soil. WinField partnered with Unibest
International to develop NutriVision, a testing kit that analyzes nutrients available to the plant roots in the soil.

Another highlight of the system is that it allows retailers to easily share the data with farmers without retail agronomists having to come up with the recommendations on their own. The system can create it for the retailer.

“The NutriSolutions 360° system is unique because it puts relevant information in the hands of farmers and ag retailers,” Krenz said. “This system is ideal for ag retailers because it customizes the data for them to share with the farmers. Retailers can sit down at the end of the season and review the year, what happened on the farm, what they learned from the year and help create a plan for next year. The tools are all integrated so that the information is shared across all WinField platforms and products.”

A total of 10 new products were selected by AgProfessional’s editors as 2014 AgProfessional Editors’ Choice New Product of the Year Award winners and were the choices from which readers could vote. Voters were reminded that voting for the 2014 Readers’ Choice Award was not linked to what a company’s product had accomplished but its potential for impact on the agricultural industry.

Readers were asked to vote for the top product based on innovation, potential impact and information disseminated.