BURR RIDGE, Ill. -- Nufarm Americas Inc. announced that the EPA has issued a Section 3 registration for Credit(R) Xtreme herbicide, a new high-load glyphosate formulation.

Credit Xtreme features Dual Salt Technology(R), a patented blend of potassium and IPA glyphosate salts developed by Nufarm. This innovative technology makes Credit Xtreme the only Roundup(R) equivalent formulation load offering 4.5 lbs of glyphosate acid per gallon (also called a 6 lb product in active ingredient) in a fully loaded product. And this easy-to-use formulation offers better compatibility with phenoxy herbicides than Roundup(R) brands.

"Credit Xtreme is the latest innovation in glyphosate technology from Nufarm," says Dave Feist, Product Manager for Nufarm. "It is another example of our company's commitment to continuous improvement in glyphosate formulations, utilizing well over two decades of global experience. Our aim is to provide growers with the tools they need to achieve maximum yields and profitability."

Dunk Porterfield, Ph.D., Nufarm Product Development Manager, says Nufarm's Dual Salt Technology offers many advantages over and above powerful performance, from handling and mixing to improved compatibility with phenoxy amine formulations.

"Credit Xtreme, with the latest generation glyphosate salts, is tank-mix compatible with fungicides, insecticides and herbicides, particularly with phenoxy herbicides like 2,4-D," Porterfield says. "Its low-viscosity, low-foam formulation makes it easier to handle, and we have proven its performance and crop safety with a substantial field trial investment over multiple seasons in the US."

Credit Xtreme herbicide also treats more acres per gallon with no need for additional surfactants, although customers may still add proprietary products as locally determined. It is approved for use on a number of Roundup Ready crops, including Flex cotton.

Credit Xtreme will be available in limited quantities for the 2009 growing season. Growers interested in using the product are urged to contact their local crop protection distributor for availability.

Other glyphosate offerings from Nufarm include Nufarm Credit and Nufarm Credit Extra, which are high-performance mixed salt formulations offering excellent performance and value.

Nufarm Americas Inc. is a subsidiary of Nufarm Limited, a manufacturer, supplier and marketer of crop protection products based in Australia. Nufarm is recognized as one of the leading agricultural and turf chemical manufacturers in the world. Nufarm Americas Inc. formulates products that serve the agricultural, professional turf, vegetation management and forestry markets in the United States.

SOURCE: Nufarm Americas.