WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Nuclear Solutions Inc. has purchased an option on behalf of its independent subsidiary Liquidyne Fuels Inc. to acquire approximately 110 acres in Union County, Iowa to build and operate a waste-to-energy hybrid bioethanol production facility.

The facility is anticipated to produce about 50 million gallons per year. The proposed facility intends to use Startech Environmental Corporation's Plasma Converter technology as part of a waste-to-energy hybrid approach to bioethanol production. Liquidyne Fuels was recently launched to establish parallel bioethanol plants domestically and internationally.

Liquidyne Fuels uses a new approach to bioethanol production that virtually eliminates the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal normally consumed during the production of conventional fermentation-based ethanol. This approach can also be used to potentially retrofit existing ethanol production facilities to minimize or altogether eliminate their dependence on fossil fuels.

Liquidyne Fuels' approach to bioethanol production is being pursued concurrently and in tandem with ongoing plans managed by subsidiary Fuel Frontiers Inc. for waste-to-ethanol synthesis facilities.

Nuclear Solutions paid $7,500 for a six-month option on the Iowa site, which allows it to purchase the property for $824,550. The company is pursuing the permitting process as well as negotiations for grain contracts and appropriate financing for the facility's construction.

Nuclear Solutions Inc. is an innovative technology development company committed to exploring, developing, and commercializing viable products in the areas of nanotechnology, environmental technology, homeland security and defense, and alternative fuels. In August 2005, Nuclear Solutions, Inc. established subsidiary Fuel Frontiers Inc. to transform low-value, end-of-life carbonaceous waste materials such as waste coal, used tires, wood wastes, biomass, discarded corn stalks and other agricultural by-products, into ethanol. Nuclear Solutions is also pursuing innovations in bioethanol production through its subsidiary Liquidyne Fuels Inc.

SOURCE: Nuclear Solutions, Inc. via Market Wire.