Although Roundup Ready 2 Xtend (RR2X) soybeans are tolerant to dicamba and glyphosate herbicides, no dicamba herbicides will be approved for use on RR2X soybeans during the 2016 growing season, the American Soybean Association reported.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) only recently proposed a draft label for a dicamba product to be used with RR2X soybeans, and this draft label, as well as anticipated labels for low-volatility dicamba herbicide formulations will NOT be finalized until late this summer or fall. Any use of a dicamba herbicide on RR2X soybeans in-season during 2016 before final labels are approved by EPA and state officials would be a violation of law.

Ag retailers and consultants should not advise farmers to use any dicamba formulations in an off-label manner. .

Monsanto will implement a robust communication plan to ensure growers, dealers and members of the industry are informed of the status of dicamba chemistry approval, ASA said. This includes not only over-the-top but also adhering to plant-back restrictions as well.