NEW YORK -- GS AgriFuels Corporation says Fishers, Ind.-based e-biofuels LLC has entered into an agreement with NextGen Fuel for a 5-million-gallon-per-year biodiesel system.

The NextGen system is expected to be completed in February 2007 for testing and deployed at e-biofuels' Middletown, Ind., facility immediately after. The system, which is being manufactured by Warnecke Design in Van Wert, Ohio, is expected to initially operate using soybean oil.

Fabrication of e-biofuels' first system will begin immediately. Chad Ducey, CEO from e-biofuels, said, "We have been following the progress of NextGen and their technology for some time now, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to deploy what we think is one of the most advanced technologies in the industry. We are excited to use NextGen's system and hope to ultimately deploy several in our facility."

e-biofuels' Middletown, Ind., facility is being built for capacity of 25 million gallons per year, and is expected to begin operations in March 2007. The e-biofuels plant is will employ up to 15 people by peak production.

This recent order by e-biofuels LLC represents NextGen's fourth customer order for or shipment of equipment in the past 90 days -- in total representing 30 million gallons of production capacity to date.

NextGen's biodiesel process technology leverages innovative process intensification techniques to accelerate and enhance traditional biodiesel reaction kinetics, thus decreasing process time, reducing energy and raw material needs, and increasing product quality. NextGen currently offers turn-key biodiesel production plants rated for 5 million gallons per year and 10 million gallons per year, but the modular and continuous-flow aspects of the technology make scaling plants up or down easy and cost-effective.

e-biofuels LLC is a manufacturing and marketing company dedicated to providing its customers with a cost effective and efficient alternative fuel made from refined soybean oil. The manufacturing process and the product are both based on innovative technology that captures the benefit of a very efficient process while emitting very low emissions to the environment with virtually no waste.

GS AgriFuels was founded to produce and sell clean fuels from agriproducts in innovative ways. GS AgriFuels' business model is based on the manufacturing and sales of proprietary biodiesel equipment and the use of new technologies to produce biodiesel and ethanol from non-traditional feedstocks such as corn oil and cellulosic biomass through the use of several new proprietary technologies.

GS AgriFuels is majority owned by GreenShift Corp., a company devoted to facilitating the efficient use of natural resources.

SOURCE: GS AgriFuels Corporation via Business Wire.