WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A new web site, www.soybeanpremiums.org, developed by the Illinois Soybean Association and sponsored by the Iowa Soybean Association and the Indiana Soybean Alliance, easily connects soyfood companies with growers of a wide variety of premium soybeans.

The Soyfoods Association of North America is committed to helping soyfoods companies connect with soybean suppliers. Soybeans are used to provide a wide range of products including edamame, soymilk, soy-based meat alternatives, tofu, tempeh, miso, shoyu, natto, soy yogurt, non-dairy frozen desserts, nutrition bars, chips, and cereals. Soyfood manufacturers in America welcome a supply of high quality soybeans that meet their diverse needs.

Identity Preserved (IP) and premium soybeans consist of all aspects including: seed selection, planting, growing, harvest, storage, transportation and conditioning, which had been supervised in a manner that will maintain soybean quality for both Conventional (GMO and Non-GMO) and Certified Organic markets. A soyfood manufacturer may have a soybean variety with specific characteristic requirements based on individual manufacturers and consumer preferences. The industry follows all federal rules, including those established by the USDA National Organic Program, where applicable.

Soyfood processors and manufacturers often have a difficult time reaching qualified, preferred growers who can segregate and store specialized soybeans. It is crucial that their growers raise a quality product and understand their role in meeting unique market needs.

www.soybeanpremiums.org allows soyfood processors and manufacturers to post their specific needs and soybean growers to connect with buyers.

"Soyfood companies want to find soybean growers in the United States that will help them meet the growing demand for soyfoods," added Ted Nordquist, President of the Soyfoods Association of North America and CEO of WholeSoy & Co. "We encourage buyers of premium soybeans to post their supply needs on www.soybeanpremiums.org and all farmers to visit that Web site and find a purchaser."

SOURCE: Soyfoods Association of North America via PR Newswire.