NEW YORK -- A patent for a new way of delivering medication to animals -- a film that dissolves in the mouth -- has been granted to Apothecus Pharmaceutical Corp.

The company says its unique approach uses a dissolvable film and will be of interest to anyone caring for animals, from pet owners to the livestock industry and veterinarians. Other patents are pending.

Unlike tablets or pills that can be difficult to administer, once the dissoluble film is inserted into the animal's mouth or onto its tongue, it becomes tacky and adheres to the inside of the oral cavity, making it virtually impossible to expel, the company said. The medication's active ingredients in film form, created through the manufacturing process, are then absorbed quickly and directly through the buccal (cheek) membrane without having to pass through the animal's digestive system.

"As any pet owner knows, giving medication in tablet form to a dog or cat can be a difficult, frustrating and time consuming procedure," said Daniel Leon, president of Apothecus. "Our new system will not only be effective for dogs and cats, but can be used for bovine, equine, and other large animal uses as well."

Leon says the newly patented product offers advantages over other administration methods. Among marketing options the company plans to pursue is the licensing of the new delivery process to drug companies with well-established distribution lines in the veterinary industry.

"We can deliver an entire range of medications and antibiotics in a form that is effective, easy to administer and comfortable for the animal," he said.

Headquartered in Oyster Bay, N.Y., and privately held, Apothecus Pharmaceutical Corp. markets a line of leading over-the-counter film products.

SOURCE: Apothecus Pharmaceutical Corp. via Business Wire.