SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Trimble today introduced its new AgGPS(R) EZ-Boom(TM) 2010 automated application control system. The new system is designed to help growers cut input costs and reduce operator fatigue by providing precise automatic control of field spraying applications.

The new system works with the Trimble AgGPS EZ-Guide(R) Plus lightbar guidance system, AgGPS EZ-Steer(R) assisted steering system or the AgGPS Autopilot(TM) automated steering system.

"Farmers who already enjoy the benefits of Trimble's GPS guidance or automated steering systems will see this new system as a big step toward fully-automated control of field operations from the cab," said Erik Arvesen, general manager of Trimble's Agriculture Division. "The EZ-Boom system automatically performs several critical functions that help save chemicals while protecting crops and the environment-and the system performs these in- field activities more accurately than manual operations."

The AgGPS EZ-Boom 2010 system allows operators to:

  • automatically control up to 10 separate boom sections, avoiding overspray and untreated gaps on angled end rows, terraces, waterways and other no-spray areas electronically "flagged" within a field. EZ-Boom also calculates total applied area, automatically subtracting no-spray areas, so the applicator knows exactly how much spray has been used.

  • ensure accurate rate control throughout the field to avoid over and under application. It operates by "reading" supported flow meters and instantaneously adjusting supported servo or PWM hydraulic control valves. Additionally, GPS eliminates the need for ground radar.

  • simplify installation and reduce equipment costs for spray systems. The EZ-Boom 2010 works in conjunction with, or replaces, most currently available rate controllers. As a result, it can add the benefits of automatic boom switching to many popular rate controllers now in use.

  • When used with the AgGPS FieldManager(TM) system, the AgGPS EZ-Boom 2010 system provides additional automated control benefits. These include simultaneously providing automated boom section control and application mapping or logging, as well as allowing variable rate prescription of liquid fertilizers, crop protection chemicals and other liquid crop inputs -- all working with one integrated cab display. In addition, sprayer operators familiar with Trimble EZ-systems require minimal time to learn the proper operation of the EZ-Boom 2010 system.

    When used with the AgGPS EZ-Guide Plus lightbar guidance system, the AgGPS EZ-Boom 2010 system turns a lightbar system into an automatic boom section control tool and an application controller without adding more displays to the cab.

    The new AgGPS EZ-Boom system is expected to be available in September of 2006 for $1,895 from authorized Trimble resellers worldwide.

    Trimble is a leading innovator of GPS technology. Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Trimble has more than 2,400 employees in more than 18 countries worldwide.

    SOURCE Trimble via PR Newswire.