The label for IMPACT(R) postemergence corn herbicide from AMVAC Chemical Corp. has been amended to allow lower use rates in certain tank mixes for 2007.

Tank mix partners qualifying for the lower 0.5 fl oz/acre rate include Accent, glyphosate (including Roundup and Touchdown brands), Liberty, Lightning, Option, Steadfast and Stout. Tank mixes with Cinch, Prowl H2O and Stout herbicides also are new on the label.

IMPACT now may be used in postemergence sequential applications after soil-applied applications of isoxaflutole (Balance Pro) herbicide or premixes containing the active ingredient. The maximum isoxaflutole rate for this use is 0.0625 lbs ai/acre (equivalent to Balance Pro at 2.0 fl oz/acre or less).

Six additional broadleaf weeds have been added to the list of weeds controlled by IMPACT: burcucumber, common chickweed, common mallow, prickly lettuce, Russian thistle and shepardspurse. Wild proso millet has been added to the list of controlled grasses, which includes giant foxtail, large and smooth crabgrass, barnyardgrass and goosegrass.

Because of its excellent crop safety profile, IMPACT now has been labeled for weed control on sweet corn and popcorn inbred lines, in addition to field corn inbreds, which were labeled in 2006. Succulent and dry peas have been added to the list of rotation crops, with a rotation interval of 9 months.

SOURCE: AMVAC Chemical Corporation news release.