FRESNO, CALIFORNIA - PureSense Environmental Inc. announced that its Irrigation Manager(TM) iPad application is now available through the iTunes App Store.

The PureSense app allows growers to monitor their real-time field conditions and irrigation activity from their iPad and is the third app the company has produced for mobile devices.

Monitoring stations placed throughout growers' fields send data through the internet every fifteen minutes to their PureSense account. The PureSense iPad application allows the grower to access that information anywhere, anytime. Using the "offline sync" feature, the data remains available on the iPad even when the grower enters an area without cellular signal.

Growers can access current, accurate data for each monitored irrigation set. With a quick glance at the landing page, a grower can see immediately if their field is too wet, too dry or satisfactory, and make timely irrigation decisions. By clicking on each site, additional information is displayed for more detailed analysis. The Alerts feature enables growers to view all recent moisture or weather related alerts, including frost, heat and wind.

"We're taking one of the most important functions of a grower's operation, irrigation management, and making it as easy as possible for them," said Todd Rickets, Vice President of Product Management with PureSense. "We continue to strive to provide growers with easy-to-use tools. Providing products and apps that allow them to be mobile and make good decisions is just one way in which we can accomplish that."

The app is available through iTunes to all growers with a PureSense login. The Irrigation Manager app can be found at: For more information visit or call 888.882.7873.

SOURCE: PureSense Environmental Inc.