The USDA has changed its soybean rust observation map to distinguish counties where rust-infected plants have been found this year, but were later removed or destroyed.

The new color code is red hatch marks. Before today, the three codes on the map at were white for "not scouted," green for "scouted, no rust found," and red for "scouted, confirmed."

Now, in the "confirmed/destroyed" red-hatch counties, this new coloration will represent counties where a known soybean-rust-infected site(or sites) have been destroyed or removed. Despite the removal of host material, it is likely that SBR may exist in other, yet undetected sites in that county.

When a county is indicated to have positive detections and the plants were subsequently removed, a USDA Soybean Rust e-mail alert will be generated for that county, and it will be listed in the chronology of positive detections.

Several counties have had positive site(s) where the host was removed/destroyed so far in 2006. They are:

  • Georgia -- Brooks

  • Georgia -- Grady

  • Georgia -- Thomas

  • Texas - Hidaldo

  • These counties are now designated with red hatching on the soybean rust observation map. For more information, visit

    SOURCE: USDA Soybean Rust Alert e-mail.