The U.S. Department of Agriculture provided the U.S. Department of Energy with new accounting rules and guidelines for reporting greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration in the forest and agriculture sectors.

"Agriculture has a unique opportunity to be part of the solution to greenhouse gas emissions," said Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns. "The Bush administration is committed to addressing greenhouse gas emissions and these guidelines represent another significant milestone in the national effort to reduce the greenhouse gas intensity of the U.S. economy."

The revised voluntary reporting program provides agriculture and forest landowners with the ability to quantify and maintain records of actions that have greenhouse gas reduction benefits. These actions include using no-till agriculture, installing a waste digester, improving nutrient management, and managing forestland. The program also provides opportunities for agriculture and forestry to partner with industry in developing actions to reduce greenhouse gases.

Two public workshops are planned to discuss these latest revisions to the guidelines. The first, to be held by DOE in late April, will address the full scope of issues raised by the guidelines. USDA and DOE will jointly host a workshop on May 5, 2005 that will focus on those issues raised by the agricultural and forestry sections of the guidelines.

More information on these workshops and on the guidelines being released today will be available at and

Source: Government Release