Following Syngenta's recent acquisition of Golden Harvest, Syngenta Seeds' head of Corn & Soybeans, NAFTA, John Sorenson, announced that Rob Robinson and Jim Sommer have been appointed as the company's co-operating heads.

Prior to his new appointment, Robinson was executive vice president of JC Robinson, one of the owners of Golden Harvest, and had been with the company for 28 years. Sommer was president of Sommer Bros. Seed Co., one of the other owners of Golden Harvest.

To further ensure the same dependable Golden Harvest network, all five presidents of the Golden Harvest member companies (Sommer and Robinson, Doug Garwood, Bill Werner and Nelson Thorpe) are staying on and will be working together to unite the Golden Harvest brand. In addition to their years of agronomy leadership experience and unique regional insights, key management positions have been filled with professionals from all of the five member companies, including:

*Doug Robinson, Head, National Brand Communications
*Chuck Lee, Head, Marketing
*Kevin O'Connor, Head, Eastern Division Sales
*David Dam, Head, Western Division Sales
*Lyn Ramsey, Head, Marketing Services
*Dennis Bracht, Head, Product Management
*John Young, Head, Finance

Source: Company Release